Useless Christ Records Presents: Philadelphia Infest 2! Saturday March 29th and Sunday March 30th!

philadelphiainfest2 Useless Christ Records Presents Philadelphia Infest 2! 30 bands in 2 days, Including vendors: Gutter Christ Productions, Useless Drunk Productions, Jeff Zornow Art Prints, Combat Zone Wrestling, The Useless Christ Ladies, Haunted Hotel Records,  Relapse Records, Unholy Anarchy Records, And Jailbait the Movie. Also with Sponsors : Combat Zone Wrestling, Emperor Cabinets, Black Vulture Tattoo, and Gunners Run. This will be held at Underground Arts and is +21

Facebook Event Page

Haemorrhage   Facebook
Nausea   Facebook
Rompeprop   Facebook
Internal Bleeding   Facebook
Criminal Element   Facebook
Total Fucking Destruction   Facebook
Mortal Decay   Facebook
Putrid Pile   Facebook
Dysentery   Facebook
Iron Reagan   Facebook
Dehumanized   Facebook
Gutrot   Facebook
Eat The Turnbuckle (The Squared Circle)   Facebook
Saprogenic   Facebook
Panties   Facebook
Sexcrement   Facebook
Lesch Nyhan   Facebook
Casket   Facebook
Without Remorse   Facebook
Sacrificial Blood   Facebook
Short Bus Pileup   Facebook
Scaphism   Facebook
Slasherthroat   Bandcamp
Bottomless Pit(The Gutter)   Facebook
Sadistic Ritual   Reverbnation
The Merciless Concept   Facebook
Budd Dwyer   Facebook
No Reason to Live   Facebook
Hellbear   Facebook
Angelcrust   Facebook

At The Underground Arts
1200 Callowhill  St
Philadelphia, PA

$35 For Single Day, $60 For 2 Day Pass

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+21/ Doors at 2pm on Saturday, Doors at 1pm on Sunday

Underground Arts

Useless Christ Records

Philadelphia Infest

Useless Drunk Productions

Gutter Christ Productions

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