Sunday April 27th, PAGANFEST 2014 hits Philly! Featuring Korpiklaani, Turisas, and many more!


Korpiklaani– Finnish Folk Metal Meaning “Forest Clan” or “Wilderness Clan”.   Facebook

Turisas– Finnish Folk Metal/Viking Metal known for their Electric Violin Solos, Named after Iku-Turso the Mythologic Finnish Sea Monster.   Facebook

Chthonic– A Taiwanese Metal Band Known for using traditional Taiwanese instruments such as the Erhu(sometimes known as a Spike Fiddle, Southern Fiddle, or Chinese Violin). As a band their goal is to bring ancient history and mythology as well as awareness of Taiwan’s tragic history with their music.    Facebook

Varg– Viking Metal from Germany, meaning Wolf in Norse Mythology. Featuring the organizer of the German Pagan & Black Metal Open Air Festival Wolfszeit, Frek.   Facebook

Winterhymn–  One Of the Few American Folk Metal Bands, from Cincinnati, OH. This is their first Large US tour. Facebook

Frost Giant– Pennsylvania’s Own Frost Giant will be opening, Inspired by Norse mythology, metal, punk, and hardcore. Definitely make sure to come early so you don’t miss them!   Facebook


at Theatre Of Living Arts
334 South St
Philadelphia, PA 19147

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