Philly-Shows Dot Com is born!

After promoting for so many years before the internet came to be the central tool of the promoter, it was important to get the word out using any means necessary from flyering concerts to wheatpasting areas where there was heavy foot traffic to graffiti.
It was an By Any Means Necessary approach that was nearly wiped out by the internet and its growing social networking net that seems to invade every aspect of our lives.

However there are plenty of people that don’t live on Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter. They don’t go on all the cool messageboards and they could care less about it.

These are the types that would always ask me “How can I find out about these shows?” and they’re bummed whenever I mention FB etc.

So here’s a general site we can all come to use to post shows, flyer, reviews and just about everything else involved with the music scene in the Philadelphia area.

Contact me @ [email protected] if you want something posted or you’d like to jump aboard and help us get this ball rolling..

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